We have a trusted national network of lenders that we’ve vetted over our decades in the carwash, gas station, and convenience store industries who have an appetite for your business.

Some lenders may not finance construction projects on leased land while others will. The same can be said about contaminated properties. Let us help pair you with the right loan at the right bank whose credit policies are in line with the details of your project.

Whether it’s easing the burden of paperwork, shopping your deal to different lenders, or coordinating with multiple parties throughout the approval and closing stages, we make c-store, carwash, and gas station financing, smoother, and more certain.

We are the trusted partner every operator needs by their side.

PetroCal Associates is a boutique brokerage firm serving entrepreneurs seeking to launch and grow carwash, gas station, and c-store businesses with financing needs exceeding $1 million.


  • We are commercial mortgage brokers who arrange financing to facilitate the process of acquiring, building, renovating, or refinancing
  • We are real estate brokers who help you acquire, lease, or sell the perfect site




$1 Million+

You deserve to establish or grow your business to a multi-million dollar enterprise without requiring intimate knowledge of loan programs and the mechanics of real estate transactions. Benefits of working with PetroCal include:

  • Access a variety of loan programs including SBA 7(a), SBA 504, USDA B&I, and conventional commercial
  • Trusted national network of lenders to make sure you secure the loan
  • Experienced guide throughout the loan process


$10 Million+

When purchase opportunities arise, you need certainty of execution, and we’re here to help. Draw on our years of experience and let us be your trusted source to guide you in evaluating and financing expansion opportunities.

  • Creative financing structures tailored to support growth based on proforma performance
  • Multi-loan credit facilities including development lines for expansion
  • Non-recourse structures available for larger operators
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The market is ever-changing, and we help you identify the right time for refinancing and execution. Cash out on your equity or improve terms of existing debt.
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Your Growth Partner

You deserve a partner that works beside you to finance your business’ growth so you can focus on what you do best. PetroCal helps clients:

  • Transition from small business loans to middle market loan structures
  • Leverage our trusted national network of lenders who will help you fund growth or shore up your balance sheet or both
  • Finance multiple projects simultaneously


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