60% of our customers are repeat business because we take great care of our clients. We’re a small team looking for resourceful doers with a ‘find a way or make a way’ attitude.


Our culture is laid-back serious. What does that mean? Unless we’re meeting a client we’re in flip flops and shorts, but every day is spent working on multi-million-dollar transactions. Our clients depend on our ability to execute for them and we do not let them down. We believe family is everything and no one misses a soccer game around here.

To achieve our mission, we look for high caliber people who share and embrace the following core characteristics:


Passionate marathoners who finish what they start and love tackling problems of all sizes. No job is too small or not in our job descriptions. We take critical constructive feedback with a smile on our face and push through to get the job done.


Analytical, multi-tasking and exhaustively detail-oriented. We comb through data, integrate information from multiple (and often unorganized) sources quickly, and figure out what questions to ask to complete the missing pieces so we can tell our clients’ complete story thoroughly and quickly.


We are non-ego doers, we challenge each other and work together to find the best solutions, every day, day in and day out.


We trust each other to get the job done. We don’t let attitude get in the way and we take extreme ownership to see it through.


We’re quick and clever as we find and implement new and innovative approaches to the traditional way of handling or thinking about a problem. We create processes and come up with ideas and solutions to better reach our goals.


We’re transparent and honest because that’s the right way to treat other people. We handle confidential information and are discrete. Integrity is the basis of trust, and trust is everything when you’ve got people’s future in your hands.

Current Job Listings

All positions are currently filled. Thank you for your interest. Please check back again soon!
Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant, you will be extremely detail-oriented, a master at constantly prioritizing in a demanding, ever-changing, dynamic, fast-paced office environment, bright, polished, experienced, and hardworking individual whose primary responsibility is to support the “Partners”, the COO/CMO & CEO, a husband-and-wife team, from an executive and personal standpoint to help make their professional and personal lives run smoothly.

The COO/CMO is looking for her forever EA to be her gatekeeper, sidekick and righthand.

The CEO: A one-of-a-kind leader and mentor who wishes there were more hours in a day but is a firm believer in a good night's sleep.

The right person will be involved in all different aspects of their lives and will ideally have a "no job is too small", go-getter mentality. You are self-motivated, sharp, resourceful, with a warm, respectful attitude. When you encounter an obstacle, you find a way around it, through it, over it, under it, etc. You have a high standard of excellence, are flexible, and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Responsibilities include email management (scrubbing), documentation administration, managing calendars, meeting coordination, general administrative tasks, coordinating travel arrangements, filing, project management, event pre-planning, and coordination. Personal support will include bills and mail management, running errands off-site periodically, and assisting with various projects and tasks. The right person for this role will have previous experience as an EPA and have general business acumen in a corporate work environment. Must show consistency in work history. Being dependable, extremely detail-oriented and a great communicator are all skills necessary to thrive in this role.

This position will be based at the Los Angeles office, and you will also work at the Los Angeles home when needed. Position may require travel. Mileage will be reimbursed. Reliable transportation is required.

Loan Closer / Transaction Coordinator

As Loan Closer/Transaction Coordinator, you’ll be responsible for managing documentation for all loan and real estate transactions including reviewing, organizing, and submitting all incoming documentation from customers based on company, lender, and loan program policies and procedures, assisting customers with the filling out of all necessary documents, and managing the entire documentation process for the closing and funding of our transactions. Loan sizes will typically range from $1MM to $30MM and be secured by various property types including retail. On loan transactions, the Loan Closer/Transaction Coordinator will work closely with the CEO & COO/CMO (Partners), and the Senior Underwriter to ensure all documents needed for external bank submission, approval, closing and funding the loan have been received, organized, reviewed and updated as needed according to company, lender, and loan program requirements. On real estate transactions, the Loan Closer/Transaction Coordinator will be charged with calendaring dates, maintaining a file of all deliverables, setting up due diligence deal rooms, and other real estate related items. You’ll support loan, real estate, and revenue growth through customer service-oriented communication with customers, lenders, and other transaction parties to ensure timely delivery of deliverables to all interested parties including the Partners, customers, and our network of lenders and vendors.

Commercial Loan Officer

As Commercial Loan Officer, you’ll be responsible for originating new financing transactions and client relationship management. This is a sales-oriented position. Loan sizes will typically range from $1MM to $30MM and be secured by various property types including retail. You’ll support the loan volume through customer service-oriented communication with clients, lenders, and other transaction parties to ensure timely processing of the loan application with all interested parties including our lending team, clients, and our network of lenders and vendors. You’ll support loan and revenue growth by soliciting, growing, managing, and increasing commercial relationships in the carwash and gas station industries. The Loan Officer will work closely with the CEO, Senior Underwriter, & Senior Commercial Real Estate Transaction Closing Specialist to ensure loan is moving through its various phases from initial prospect communication through closing.

Why Clients Keep Coming Back

“I don’t think I have ever worked with a broker who not only always does what he says he will do but also handles every back and forth between buyer and seller. Most brokers are much less involved once a PSA is signed but your involvement has many advantages to successfully closing a deal. I enjoyed working with you and hope to do more deals in the future.”
-Multi-Site Carwash Operator, San Bernardino County, CA
“We have completed several real estate acquisitions with PetroCal Associates, and specifically Reuven Birnkrant, over the last several years. Most importantly, Reuven is honest and focuses on serving the best interests of his clients. He is concentrating not only on all of the small, and very important details of a transaction, but also is consistently and proactively thinking two to three steps ahead and preparing solutions for potential twists and turns that seem to come up in most real estate deals. It feels like you are part of the same company when you are involved with Reuven and his team based upon their high level of service.”
-National Express Carwash Operator
“With Reuven's help I was able to acquire an SBA (7a) loan for $2.5M+ to build a $3M+ car wash. As anyone who has acquired an SBA business loan knows, obtaining financing is a process. I have done it before working directly with the bank. But in this case, having Reuven as an advocate made the difference not only in obtaining the terms we needed, but also in making sure the entire loan process, from appraisal to closing, went smoothly. I cannot recommend Reuven highly enough. Without his help, I can't say I would have been able to complete this project.”
-Mutli-Site Carwash Operator, Pima County, AZ
“I've secured 5 loans with PetroCal Associates over the past 10 years. Recently they arranged financing for me to acquire and renovate a full-service carwash, on leased land, using 1031 exchange funds, that I was redeveloping into an express carwash immediately after closing. They helped me structure everything in a way that worked for the SBA 504 program and got me a great loan for a very complex deal, all during COVID-19. I would never go anywhere else.”
-Single-Site Carwash Operator, Orange County, CA
“Reuven Birnkrant saw our potential and fought for our car wash all the way. He was instrumental in finding the right bank and even convinced the VP to come see our building site when other brokers wouldn’t give us the time of day. Once the bank saw our plans and our location we got two thumbs up! Reality is that Reuven pulled it all off and he was a huge help in getting us to close on time.”
-New-to-Industry Carwash Operator, Riverside County, CA
“Reuven was wonderful to work with. He oversaw all the paperwork and helped us produce the needed forms and documents. He never left us in the dark but kept us apprised of all tasks and deadlines. I would never even consider building another car wash without him! He is also very nice to talk to on the phone. I actually looked forward to his calls! (And still do btw)”
-New-to-Industry Carwash Operator, Riverside County, CA
“When it was time for me to sell my car wash, I didn’t think about anyone else because they were more authentic than everyone else.”
-Single-Site Carwash Operator, Los Angeles County, CA

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