PetroCal Associates is a boutique real estate financing and brokerage firm serving entrepreneurs seeking to launch and grow carwash, gas station, and c-store businesses.


As commercial mortgage brokers, we arrange loans exceeding $1 million through our trusted national network of lenders to help you through the process of funding, acquiring, building, renovating, or refinancing. As real estate brokers, we help you acquire, secure, lease, or sell the perfect site.
Finance Your First Location

As a new-to-industry operator, you’re probably running into lots of roadblocks like finding a lender and getting all your loan documents together. You may even be wondering which loan to go for. When purchase opportunities arise, you need the certainty of execution. That’s where we come in. Draw upon our years of experience, and let us be your trusted source to guide you through your start‐up.

Expand and Grow

You’re looking to grow, and we want to help. Whether it’s a $30 million multi-site refinance with expansion capital, a partner buyout, or a two-site portfolio acquisition, PetroCal Associates has helped our clients do it before, and we can help you do the same. We have a proven process, vetted lenders, and decades of industry experience to ensure a successful outcome for you.

Sell Your Site

The decision to sell a commercial property is a serious one. You want someone by your side with experience in all the nuances of transacting carwashes, gas stations, and c-stores. We’ll run a smooth, professional and competitive sales process leveraging our network of qualified buyers to give you confidence that we’re maximizing your returns. Our reputation, integrity, and experience work to your advantage.

We are the trusted partner
every operator needs by their side.



PetroCal Associates processes loan applications from borrowers in the US for acquisitions, refinances, ground-up construction projects, and renovation projects requiring loans exceeding $1 million. We can arrange various financing structures including conventional commercial, SBA 7(a), SBA 504, bridge, and USDA B&I loans. From loans secured by a single-site to complex credit facilities secured by a portfolio, PetroCal Associates has a solution for you.



Our real estate brokerage services include representing sellers, buyers, landlords, and tenants in purchasing, selling, and leasing carwash and gas station properties and businesses. Whether you’re ready to retire or looking to expand, leverage our experience to ensure proper execution and a successful transaction.

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Unlock Your Small Business' Potential with Customized Financing Solutions

If you're a carwash, gas station, or c-store operator in need of a loan or financing, you're in the right place! If you want to refinance your existing loan, fund an acquisition, or finance your next construction project, partner with us to turn your business vision into reality. Let us help pair you with the right loan at the right bank whose credit appetite aligns with your needs. 

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Why Clients Keep Coming Back

“I don’t think I have ever worked with a broker who not only always does what he says he will do but also handles every back and forth between buyer and seller. Most brokers are much less involved once a PSA is signed but your involvement has many advantages to successfully closing a deal. I enjoyed working with you and hope to do more deals in the future.”
-Multi-Site Carwash Operator, San Bernardino County, CA
“We have completed several real estate acquisitions with PetroCal Associates, and specifically Reuven Birnkrant, over the last several years. Most importantly, Reuven is honest and focuses on serving the best interests of his clients. He is concentrating not only on all of the small, and very important details of a transaction, but also is consistently and proactively thinking two to three steps ahead and preparing solutions for potential twists and turns that seem to come up in most real estate deals. It feels like you are part of the same company when you are involved with Reuven and his team based upon their high level of service.”
-National Express Carwash Operator
“With Reuven's help I was able to acquire an SBA (7a) loan for $2.5M+ to build a $3M+ car wash. As anyone who has acquired an SBA business loan knows, obtaining financing is a process. I have done it before working directly with the bank. But in this case, having Reuven as an advocate made the difference not only in obtaining the terms we needed, but also in making sure the entire loan process, from appraisal to closing, went smoothly. I cannot recommend Reuven highly enough. Without his help, I can't say I would have been able to complete this project.”
-Multi-Site Carwash Operator, Pima County, AZ
“I've secured 5 loans with PetroCal Associates over the past 10 years. Recently they arranged financing for me to acquire and renovate a full-service carwash, on leased land, using 1031 exchange funds, that I was redeveloping into an express carwash immediately after closing. They helped me structure everything in a way that worked for the SBA 504 program and got me a great loan for a very complex deal, all during COVID-19. I would never go anywhere else.”
-Single-Site Carwash Operator, Orange County, CA
“Reuven Birnkrant saw our potential and fought for our car wash all the way. He was instrumental in finding the right bank and even convinced the VP to come see our building site when other brokers wouldn’t give us the time of day. Once the bank saw our plans and our location we got two thumbs up! Reality is that Reuven pulled it all off and he was a huge help in getting us to close on time.”
-New-to-Industry Carwash Operator, Riverside County, CA
“Reuven was wonderful to work with. He oversaw all the paperwork and helped us produce the needed forms and documents. He never left us in the dark but kept us apprised of all tasks and deadlines. I would never even consider building another car wash without him! He is also very nice to talk to on the phone. I actually looked forward to his calls! (And still do btw)”
-New-to-Industry Carwash Operator, Riverside County, CA
“When it was time for me to sell my car wash, I didn’t think about anyone else because they were more authentic than everyone else.”
-Single-Site Carwash Operator, Los Angeles County, CA

Benefits of Working with PetroCal

Expertise with Single-Site and Multi-Site Operators

Whether you’re buying your first site or acquiring your fiftieth location, PetroCal Associates has done it before and is here to support you through every step of the process.

Decades of Experience

Through our experience, we’ve seen it all. We can pre-empt issues before they arise, work through complex problems, and know what it takes to close.

Dedicated Team

Our team is highly connected and engaged with our customers. We’ve developed an industry reputation for our personalized, detailed, down-to-earth approach.

Trusted Nationwide Lender Network

We leverage our industry expertise and lender relationships to help you achieve your goals. We’re able to arrange tailored financing structures that meet your short-term needs and achieve your long-term goals.

Expertise with Single-Site and Multi-Site Operators
Decades of Experience
Dedicated Team
Trusted Nationwide Lender Network

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Our Past Transactions

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